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Port of the Islands Marina:

Mangrove Tunnels and Manatees Tour

Length: 2.5 Hours
Location: 525 Newport Dr. Naples, FL 34114
Cost: $60

Our top-rated Mangrove Tunnels and Manatees Tour delivers you to up-close bucket-list animal viewing. This adventure-loaded 2.5-hour tour provides unbeatable opportunities to spot manatees, alligators, river otters and more.

Begin your kayak tour at our exclusive Port of the Islands dock slip located 22 miles southeast of downtown Naples and 15 miles from Marco Island. Enjoy a 30-minute paddle through a manatee protection speed zone surrounding the manatee-packed Faka Union Canal. Once you’ve found your kayaking rhythm, the tour paddles out into the numerous mangrove tunnels connected to the canal. Expect to see multiple protected animal species, including the American alligator, Roseate Spoonbill and the always-curious river otter.

The Mangrove Tunnels and Manatees Tour is perfect for both beginners and experienced paddlers. All kayak tours include a 15-minute paddle lesson and all necessary kayaking gear, including tandem (two-person) kayaks.

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Rookery Bay 2.5 Hour Tour

Length: 2.5 Hours
Location: 10 Shell Island Rd., Naples, FL 34113
Cost: $65

Adventure Paddle Tours’ original Naples excursion unveils an amazing world of aquatic wildlife. This 2.5-hour tour departs from a small watercraft boat launch located at the end of the “Road to Nowhere” within the Rookery Bay Research reserve.

After finding your paddling groove, we’ll venture out into the larger bay heading towards one of the most spectacular bald eagle nests we’ve ever seen (and we have seen a ton). During our open-water kayaking session, guests are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for that somewhat elusive manatee.

Following a stunning and scenic paddle through Rookery Bay’s open waters, this tour takes a turn into the popular Shell Island Canoe Trail where your guides can grab horseshoe crabs and fighting conchs and spot schooling mullet. Depending on the group speed, this classic Naples tour can paddle up to seven miles or as little as three.

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Rookery Bay Sunset Tour

Length: 2.5 Hours
Location: 10 Shell Island Rd., Naples, FL 34113
Cost: $70

Immerse yourself in a postcard-pristine Gulf Coast sunset on this Rookery Bay evening kayak tour. Paddling through the many shades of blue, gold and pink as the sun meets the horizon is a breathtaking experience.

Not only do you enjoy all of the wildlife sightings involved on our daytime kayak tours, you are rewarded at the end with a spectacular Florida sunset and photo opportunities created by the colorful water-to-sky light show—one of our favorite scenes to photograph.

This unforgettable private tour sets you up for a great sunset vantage point and typically paddles around four miles. All tours are private and include a 15-minute paddle lesson along with all necessary kayaking gear and tandem (two-person) kayaks.

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