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Of course. Our tours are not only great for experienced paddlers looking to learn about and explore the area, they are perfect for beginners who have never paddled. Our tandem kayaks allow for two kayakers to pull the weight. If one person gets tired, take a break and the other can paddle for a bit. We also provide full training and safety talks before any tour.

We use tandem (two-person) kayaks for three reasons:

  1. They are twice as stable as most single kayaks.

  2. Groups can easily stay together while exploring the mangrove tunnels.

  3. Younger children can safely ride in front of parents.

There are two options. Preferably, we put the odd person in a single kayak. The other option is for one person to jump in a tandem kayak with the guide.

All of our Naples kayak tours are private so limitations are based on weight. Life jackets require a minimum of 30 pounds.

Please note if your group decides to take a younger child, we will head back early if the child isn’t comfortable or loses interest. We find that with children younger than 6 years old, it can be difficult to hold their attention for the entire tour.

Yes. For our two-person tandem kayaks the max load range is 500 pounds (combined weight of two paddlers). Please try and even the weight out among kayaks when selecting paddling partners.

All tours may be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled time for a full refund. If numbers change or you must cancel within 48 hours you may received a voucher redeemable for one year.

Yes. However, that will be the guide’s call. We try to be very proactive on rescheduling if the forecast is looking less than optimal. We will not force anyone to go out if the weather isn’t looking good, but please trust our judgment.

There are certain tour locations and areas within those tours that have a higher potential to see gators. If you do (or do not) want to see one, please let us know ahead of time and we can plan accordingly.

The Rookery Bay Reserve averages one sighting every month. There is a much higher chance of seeing an alligator at our Port of the Islands location.

Encounters with gators from a kayak are a very unique, exciting and safe experience. Gators tend to keep their distance and are probably more afraid of us than we are of them.

Capsizes are very rare and are typically a combination of variables such as two larger adults goofing around. The kayaks used on our Florida tours are our fleet’s most stable and have yet to capsize.

We are not renting any gear as of 2017. As we grow, we do plan on expanding to rentals.

No, we provide all of our guests with tandem touring sea kayaks.  Everyone will be in a tandem kayak unless there is an odd number.  If there is an odd number we will put one person by themselves or with a guide.

Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are all recommended.  Along with loose fitting, hiking type clothing.  Your guide will most likely be wearing board shorts and a sun shirt.  Long sleeves and hiking pants could be necessary due to mosquitos or sun exposure.

Yes! There are dry areas to store your camera.  We recommend smaller compact digital cameras over larger DSLR cameras.

Yes.  We use Necky Manitou II kayaks.  Each kayak is outfitted with what is called an “Active Comfort System” seat.  Each seat is very adjustable and has more than enough back support for most.  These are by far the most comfortable kayak seat I have ever used.

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Email us any time…

Please feel free to email any additional questions to: info@adventurepaddletours.com. Since we are most often deep in the Everglades, cell service can be hit or miss and email is the best way to reach us. Please allow up to 6 hours response time.